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Requiem for the Phantom News

By: Blauwenelli - April 1st

Protectors of the Endless down

finally downed the first boss of ToES :D

in an alt run

  • Katerana: great... lets clear the place nxt run
By: Sureashell - March 20th

The Breaker Is Broken ((17/03/2013))


  • Kahlann: Yes he is broken... cool :)
  • Bluedomp: aaww we look so cute
  • Tweedeldum: very good job guys !!
By: Katerana - March 17th

9 Mutated Constructs and a prot pally killed Amber-Shaper Un'sok!!

awsome... empress looks really managable...

terrace of endles dinges... here we come

By: Katerana - March 7th

Windlord finaly stopped farting windbombs...

Awsom job lads and gals... lets clear HoF on sunday

  • Dooienelli: and that with the buggy debuff (lack of to be more precise). Next sunday ambershaper and a few tries on empress would be awesome.
  • Theargönn: Congratz
By: Katerana - February 11th

Garalon won't respawn any more leggs...

wind lord was looking fine as well... better ead up for ambershaper then :P

By: Katerana - January 21st

Blade Lord wearlwind dude died...

On to Garalon nxt reset...

Lets get to terrace before 5.2!

  • Bluedomp: Great job guys gratz with the kill
  • Dooienelli: do we extend on sunday or do a fresh run?
By: Zminna - December 31st

Happy 2013 phantoms!

May u all get what u wish for and more in 2013...
Cya next year :D

  • Tweedeldum: Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2013 !!
By: Zminna - December 23rd

the vaults finaly cleared!!

keep it up lads

  • Kahlann: Grats, team 1 :)
  • Bluedomp: Gratz guys great job :D
  • Tweedeldum: Heroic mode now? ;D
  • Zminna: lets clear the other "normal" content first and then worry about heroic mode's
  • Dooienelli: i want to kill normal empress before we go heroics. that way we can see all the raids on normal.
By: Zminna - December 11th

finaly Elagon's lights went out...

was a long time comming and we finaly did it...

Now to get the last boss of that instance down!!

  • Bluedomp: whoop a big gratz guys :D
By: Zminna - November 23rd

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok killed and made good progress on Blade Lord Ta'yak...

fun friday night boss asswooping... :D

  • Tweedeldum: Well Done Guys !! Wait what.... no logs... tssss
  • Theargönn: We don't want you to know our secret :D

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